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Processing Equipment
Packaging Equipment
Lab & Test
Materials Handling
Plant Support
Complete Lines
Plant For Sale
CVC Equipment
Wrap Around Labler - Hawk - CVC 302
Front Back and Wrap Labeler - CVC 430
Front Back Labeler - CVC 400
Packaging Machines
Pharmapack - Tablet/Capsule Bottling Line
Bottle Unscrambler - CVC 1265
Tablet / Capsule Counter & Filler - CVC 1220 Challenger
In-Line Capping Machine - CVC 1204
In-Line Capper - CVC 1205
Pasta Equipment
Automatic Noodle Cutters
Automatic Pasta-Cutter, NPETS160
Automatic Pasta-Cutter, NPETS250
Automatic Pasta-Cutter, NPETS320
Automatic Sheeters
Single Hopper - 40 kgs. Capacity NPEA160
Single Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA250-A265
Single Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA300-A320
Single Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA500-A540
Double Hopper - 40 kgs. Capacity NPEA160DV
Double Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA250DV-A265DV
Double Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA300DV-A320DV
Double Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA500DV-A540DV
Cappelletti/Ravioli Machines
Cappelletti/Tortelloni/Ravioli, NPEREC140
Cappelletti/Tortelloni/Ravioli, NPERC250
Combination Machines
Pasta Sheet machine for ready cut ravioli, NPE85Super
Multipurposed Auto Machine, NPE160Komby
Gnocchi Machines
2 Punch Dumpling Machine, NPEGN2
6 Punch Dumpling Machine, NPEGN6
Pasta Mixer - Extruder Machines
Table Mounted Single Hopper Extruder, NPE103
Single-Hopper Extruder, w/ trolley, NPE106
Double-Hopper Extruder, w/ trolley, NPE112
Double-Hopper Extruder, NPE120
Ravioli Machines
Double-Sheet Detached Ravioli, NPERS120
Double-Sheet Detached Ravioli, NPERS160
Double-Sheet Detached Ravioli, NPERS250
Kaeser Compressors
Air Managers
Sigma Air Manager
Kaeser Omega and Omega Plus
Omega blower
Kaeser's rotary screw air compressor
Kaeser's Packaged Compressors Systems
Kaeser's rotary screw compressor
Single-stage units
Oil-less reciprocating units
Mobile Compressors
heatless regenerative dryers
Colibri Pallet Wrapping
Pallet Wrappers
Semiautomatic Machine COLIWRAP ET/88 AXIAL
Pallet wrapping machine COLIWRAP ET88
Pallet wrapping machine COLIWRAP ET88 Tandem
Pallet wrapping machine COLIWRAP ET88A
Pallet wrapping machine COLIWRAP ET92 AUTO
Pallet Wrapping COLIWRAP SW 300
Pallet wrapping Coliwrap WPS 500
Pallet wrapping Coliwrap WPS 92
PowerPack Industries LLC
POWERPAK CENTURY PRESS - Dual-Purpose Blister/Clamshell Sealer