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Item Number: 11153
Title: Blister Pack Klockner
Description: One used blister pack. Unit is manufactured by Klockner Medipak. The unit is a model CP-2EL, and was manufactured in the late 1997. This unit is an Inline intermittent (stroke by stroke) motion device that uses thermoform able roll stock and forming tools to produce one or more blister per stroke. Operation of the machine is controlled through both the fixed function switches located on the Main Control Panel and the switches on the Touch Screen. All critical processes (timing, lid stock sealing pressure, temperature [base material forming, lid stock sealing] is set and monitored by software in the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC. Machine also comes with One (1) Gottscho Model 806-4 printer for one color flexographic printing. This unit incorporates a brush box feeder with a stainless steel hopper (15 liter capacity) and vibrating chute with a provision for scrap and dust separation. The machine can be configured to either stop on fault or eject blister trays. The sealed and separated packages of each stroke are punched out of the web. The waste web (residual material) grid is wound onto a rewind roller for disposal. Material Capabilities are PVC, PVC PVDC, HDPE, Polystyrol, Aclar, and PETG lid Material: Aluminum coated with heat sealable lacquer, Aluminum lined with PVDC, Paper coated with a heat sealable lacquer, Tyvek, formable foil. Max. Material Width: 150 mm Max. Film Advance: 100 mm Max. Forming Depth: 12 mm Packaging Material Diameters: Max. Base Material: 400 mm Max. Lid Material: 220 mm Max. Core Size: 76 mm Approx. Floor Space Require: Length: 13 feet, Width: 3 feet, Height: 5 feet 9 inches. Production Capabilities: 20-60 strokes per minute Pneumatic Requirements: 15 CFM / 90 PSI Chiller Supplied and the unit comes with many many sets of Thermoforming Tooling and Rails.

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