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Item Number: 10252
Title: SOLD - Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer, Model WST/CD-120 - SOLD
Description: One pre-owned Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer, Model WST/CD-120; this unit is used to suspend powders or grain by a supporting air stream, which at the same time is drying the product. During fluidization, the entire surface area of the product to be dried is exposed to the air stream, thus effecting an optimal drying while spraying binders in active substances. Simultaneously an agglomeration is achieved, converting the powdery substances into granules. Includes product bowl with castors, expansion chamber, filter housing, top venting explosion design, air handling package with Hepa filters, blower, quick action explosion valve, control panel. Control panel includes recorders for inlet air temp/product temp/air flow quality, various pressure gauges/timers/pressure regulators, indication lamps for machine functions, adjustable inlet/outlet air flap positioned.

The processed air is sucked through the air preparation unit. The warm filtered airflows via the inlet airside quick action stop valve in the bottom part of the machine tower. The air continues through the product container contour bottom and propels the product into a fluid bed movement (suspension). The fluid bed height depends on the mass flow of the process air, which is controlled by the exhaust flap.

Capacity Data: Max. Charge: 120kg-180KG. Volume of product container, 0.42 m3. Fan Unit: 4500 m3/h, Max. Differential Pressure, 907kg/m2, Capacity of Electric Motor, 22kw, Voltage 460v, Frequency, 60hz, Motor Starter, Stern Dreieck, Protection Class, Normal Electrics: 460/110V, 60Hz. Ventilator 460V, 60Hz. Compressed air consumption M3h (incl. nozzles) ca.160, Compressed air pressure 6 bar continuous. Weight: Complete Machine Tower: 2866 lbs. Inlet Air Plenum 1322 lbs. Separate Fan Unit, 970 lbs. Action Stop Valve, 198lbs. Sep. Pneumatic Control Box, 551lbs still installed.


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