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Title: Tablet / Capsule Counter & Filler - CVC 1220 Challenger
Description: With unparalleled ease the CVC ‘Challenger” equips your packaging line for accurate counting and filling of all standard and irregular shapes and all sizes of tablets, capsules, caplets, transparent soft gels, inc.
CVC 1200 is co-manufactured by CVC and Cremer.
A newly improved Tablet/Capsule Counter, the CVC 1220 "Challenger", combines unerring accuracy with incredible value.
The remarkable 1220 counting system has enjoyed growing success ever since its introduction in early 1995. International users include Glaxo, Wyeth Ayerst, Bayer, Ely Lilly, Boehringer, Mervh, Dupont, Pfizer, Technilab, 3M Riker, Merck Sharp & Dohme ...etc.

Investigation by major pharmaceutical manufacturers comparing the 1220 Counter reliability with other counters has caused many to conclude that the 1220 is the most reliable counter, providing up to 100% accuracy.

The compact design of the CVC "Challenger" is a major advantage. New simplicity of design has now made possible a more affordable selling price. Design improvement also includes cleaner machine operation and easier clean up accomplished by moving the "dust" extraction system to the back of the unit to more completely extract the excess tablet dust.
Image: Tablet / Capsule Counter & Filler - CVC 1220 Challenger