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Title: Multipurposed Auto Machine, NPE160Komby
Description: Multipurpose group for the automatic production of sheet of pasta, long pasta, already cut ravioli filled with soft stuff as meat, cheese, vegetable, fish into various shapes. An automatic pasta laminator, a pasta cutter and a ravioli device complete the machine. The laminator is composed of 3 sets with a patented groove outline and of a mixer with the removable mixing paddles. The ravioli machine produces double sheet ravioli with interhangeable moulds., which can produce many shapes as round, square, triangle, fish, half-moon, mushroom, flower, etc. The pasta cutter with interchangeable moulds produces lasagne sheets, tagliolini, pappardelle aqnd noodles. The thickness of pasta is adjustable and cutting across the pasta sheet control.

Production Rate: 30 pasta - 70 ravioli (Kg./Hr.)
  Mixing Capacity: 20 (kg.)
Pasta Sheet Width: 160 (mm)
Image: Multipurposed Auto Machine, NPE160Komby