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Title: Pallet wrapping Coliwrap WPS 500
Description: WPS 500 is a fully automatic pallet-wrapping machine, which is particularly sturdy and reliable and complies with all requirements of a machine for industrial use. The fully automatic top sheet dispenser with device for pallet height detection, allows to perform WATERPROOF PACKAGING of palletised loads with stretch or shrink film: first the turning arm carries out a multilayer upward spiral wrapping, then a polyethylene film sheet of adjustable length is put on the top of the pallet, and finally the turning arm performs the downward spiral wrapping. In this way, a perfect waterproof wrapping is obtained. Thanks to the application of the last technological innovations, WPS 500 has reached an advanced degree of automation. In spite of said innovations, WPS 500 is offered at a price which is more than interesting and complies with the industrial quality standards which distinguish all machines of the program COLIBRI'.
Image: Pallet wrapping Coliwrap WPS 500