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Title: Wrap Around Labler - Hawk - CVC 302
Description: Enjoy new peace of mind with the easy to use CVC Hawk SelfSet™ labeler. Simply place a container on the conveyor and press a button. All electronic adjustments necessary for a smooth run are instantly calculated for you. Labeler set up has never been so easy.
Automatic adjustment of product separator:

The CVC 302 automatically increases distance between bottles when necessary to prevent missing labels caused by crowding bottles too closely together.
The three language Touch Screen Labeler

  • Nothing could be easier. The operator may choose to receive instructions either in English, Spanish or Chinese language.
  • The Servo Motor Drive delivers reliability and endurance, with label dispensing speed up to 2,800 inches per minute. /lir>
  • Labeling accuracy is +/- 1/32"
  • 7 RISC CPU's are used to provide state-of-the-art signal speed and electronic stability.
  • PC compatible for monitoring production data.
  • CVC service technicians are equipped to link a PC phone network link to your Hawk machine for diagnostic trouble shooting.
  • Use of RS485 signal transmission technology uses only two wires to transmit more than thirty signals such as label sensor, hot stamper, bar code reader, etc. Thirty wires are needed for labelers using standard signal transmission technology.

  • The HAWK Vision Labeling System includes memory capacity for saving and automatically setting up as many as 50 jobs. Each job set up recalls bar codes, label sizes, bottle sizes and synchronized speed settings for all moving labeler parts. All label information is individually verified for each product during high speed labeling. If any passing bar code, label length, bottle size or code stamp differs from the memory data, the system will stop immediately to safeguard your packaging integrity. Automatic product rejection is also available.

    Ownership of the HAWK Vision Labeling System will virtually eliminate the possibility of operator error. You can rest easy, knowing that your packaging integrity is secure. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    1. Bar Code Verification: When any passing bar code does not match the bar code stored in memory, the Hawk Verification system will stop immediately, show an "error" message and sound an alarm to alert the operator.
    For example, if the operator installs a label roll having a wrong bar code, the system will not operate. Even if only one incorrect label is in the roll, the system will stop and the above warnings will occur.

    2. Label Size Verification: When any label length does not match the label size stored in memory, the Hawk Labeling Machine will stop immediately, show an "error" message and sound an alarm to alert the operator.
    For example, if the label stored in memory is 4 inches long but the Hawk Vision System senses a longer or shorter length, the labeler will stop and activate the LCD "error" message and alarm warnings.

    3. Bottle Diameter: When any passing bottle diameter does not match the diameter stored in memory, the Hawk Vision System will stop immediately, display an "error" message and sound an alarm.
    For Example, if the product being labeled has a 3 inch diameter and the Hawk memory is programmed with a 3¾ inch diameter, the system will stop immediately, activate an "error" message and sound an alarm.

    4. Hot Stamp Code Camera Verification System: When any passing bottle has a missing or unclear code, the Hawk will stop immediately, display an error message and sound an alarm. When equipped with the Hawk eject system, the noted bottle will be ejected to a side tray as the line continues to operate.

    5. Automatic Rejection System: An automatic rejection system is available for removing bottles with any of the following problem from your production line:
  • missing code markings
  • incorrect bar codes
  • missing labels

  • 6. Label Sensor Sensitivity is Adjusted Automatically
  • No repositioning of the label sensor is needed to adjust for different label lengths.
  • No manual sensor adjustments are needed when changing over to different label materials or for different backing materials.
  • Image: Wrap Around Labler - Hawk - CVC 302