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Specialty equipment for all aspects of the production of pasta and noodles, both dry and fresh. Key areas include mixing, extrusion, sheeting, cutting, drying, thermal treatment, pre-cooking, and packaging.
Automatic Noodle Cutters
Automatic Pasta-Cutter, NPETS160
Automatic Pasta-Cutter, NPETS250
Automatic Pasta-Cutter, NPETS320
Automatic Sheeters
Single Hopper - 40 kgs. Capacity NPEA160
Single Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA250-A265
Single Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA300-A320
Single Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA500-A540
Double Hopper - 40 kgs. Capacity NPEA160DV
Double Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA250DV-A265DV
Double Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA300DV-A320DV
Double Hopper - 65kgs. Capacity NPEA500DV-A540DV
Cappelletti/Ravioli Machines
Cappelletti/Tortelloni/Ravioli, NPEREC140
Cappelletti/Tortelloni/Ravioli, NPERC250
Combination Machines
Pasta Sheet machine for ready cut ravioli, NPE85Super
Multipurposed Auto Machine, NPE160Komby
Gnocchi Machines
2 Punch Dumpling Machine, NPEGN2
6 Punch Dumpling Machine, NPEGN6
Pasta Mixer - Extruder Machines
Table Mounted Single Hopper Extruder, NPE103
Single-Hopper Extruder, w/ trolley, NPE106
Double-Hopper Extruder, w/ trolley, NPE112
Double-Hopper Extruder, NPE120
Ravioli Machines
Double-Sheet Detached Ravioli, NPERS120
Double-Sheet Detached Ravioli, NPERS160
Double-Sheet Detached Ravioli, NPERS250